The InfoMason is dedicated to ensuring that your IT organization lives up to its potential. IT has become an essential service to almost every business operation, and so IT must nimbly respond to the needs of a wide variety of dynamic business units.

Information Technology as a Service

At the InfoMason, we understand that Information Technology is a service - one dedicated to ensuring that the larger organization attains its business objectives. IT is a strategic business partner, and so IT's goals must align with those of the business, while supplying all business units with the tools they need to continuously improve. More...

A Global Perspective

The InfoMason is keen on maintaining a worldly point of view. Whether your business operates in foreign nations, utilizes international suppliers, or is catering to a global audience, it pays to know how other countries and cultures manage their businesses, and their technology. More...

Continuously Improving

Since the term Six Sigma was coined in 1986, it has become universally evident that continuously striving for improvement results in processes which cost less and produce more. Information Technology organizations are no different. IT contains capital projects, infrastructure maintenance, supply chain, communications, and customer support and service. It is almost a business within a business, and as such, requires continuous monitoring and tweaking to ensure it remains efficient and productive. At the InfoMason, we recognize that continuous improvement is one of the pillars of IT management. More...


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