IT Management

The InfoMason can help you manage portions of your IT department in a pinch. Whether its your data centers, development teams, technology architecture, help-desks and support, or security and privacy - the InfoMason has the skills you require to fill in gaps in your management team.

And you can be certain we are well versed in all the latest technologies. From server and desktop virtualization to cloud computing, from portable tablets to secure telecommuting, the InfoMason team knows how to leverage modern ideas into better business performance.

Part Time CIO

Your IT department has grown to the point where a dedicated strategic manager with executive experience is required to lead it, but you don't want or need to add a full time employee to take on the role.

Normally, responsibility would fall to another operational manager. Often, however, that person will lack either executive experience or an understanding of IT's special management needs.

The InfoMason can provide a dedicated strategic manager on a part-time basis. Half-time, quarter time, flex-time - our resources are a cost-effective way to insert a strong IT leader into your executive team or your board.

Temporary CIO

Your CIO is suddenly unavailable, and you need quick access to executive leadership for your IT department, either until the current CIO is back on their feet, or until a permanent replacement can be found.

The InfoMason has resources that can fill in the gap. We can quickly come up to speed on the state of IT and either move forward with the existing vision or take action to right the ship. We can even spearhead the seach for your new permanent CIO.